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Chaska Area Youth Basketball Association Mission, Vision and Values Statements

CAYBBA Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Chaska Area Youth Basketball Association (CAYBBA) to create a supportive environment to any child wishing to enjoy the game of basketball in their elementary and middle school years who lives or attends school in the Chaska school district.  Our program is focused on personal development, on-and-off-the-court.  We develop individual and team basketball skills along with character building life skills such as teamwork, leadership and respect for the greater community.


CAYBBA Vision Statement

The Chaska Area Youth Basketball Association (CAYBBA) has a goal to continually maintain a high level of respect within the communities in which we operate, and the associations in which we compete.  The mission can only be accomplished through a shared effort from coaches, players, and parents.

  • We wish to upload the values of the Minnesota Youth Athletic Association.  

  • We expect to provide an organized and high quality basketball program that prepares our athletes for as far as children are willing and able to participate in the game of basketball. 

  • We wish to be a pillar in the Chaska community that parents are both eager to have their children participate in while also support through volunteering. 

  • We have a goal to inspire children to have confidence in themselves, do great things on and off the basketball court, and be leaders in their community.  

  • We wish to instill the understanding that I am part of a team, and the team is a part of a larger community.


CAYBBA Core Values Statement

The core values that CAYBBA wishes to exemplify through all facets of our program include:

  • Sportsmanship: treating all teammates (including yourself), opponents, coaches, spectators, referees and officials with the utmost respect 

  • Support: Provide a supportive environment to learn the game of basketball that is positive, enjoyable, safe, and appropriately competitive 

  • Discipline:  Learn and develop basketball skills and through hard work and dedication 

  • Effort:  Give your best effort, physically and mentally, in all facets of the program in order to develop mental and physical toughness which can be applied through academics as well as athletics 

  • Teamwork:  Provide an environment that allows for a group to achieve a common goal in an effective and efficient way through collaborative effort.  

These values are not only applicable to the game of basketball but also in academics and more broadly, the game of life.  Developing these values may not seem readily apparent but once your child’s basketball career is over, we hope that they look back on their time in CAYBBA as helping them build the foundation to a successful life.