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Position Descriptions and Key Responsibilities


  • Create agenda and facilitates CAYBBA meetings
  • Represent CAYBBA in community discussions and events
  • Provide direction for board members as needed
  • Liaison with ISD 112 Athletic Directors 
  • Represent CAYBBA at MYAS leadership events 
  • Facilitate a strong working relationship with ISD associations (e.g., CAA)  but also (CCFA, Chaska Baseball, Chaska Softball, etc.) to work together on shared goals / outcomes
  • Facilitate a strong working relationship with schools in the area (including St. John’s, Southwest Christian, etc.) 
  • Coordinate with Treasurer on the creation of the annual budget
  • Create and administer annual surveys with participants. Collate results and report findings to board
  • Responsible for assuming or delegating any responsibilities of open board positions until that position is filled
  • Coordinate interviews for the Board of Directors and assist in Coaches interviews with Travel Directors. 
  • Coordinate picture night for all Teams
  • Serve as point person of grievance process/conflict management

Vice President (NEW / OPEN):

  • Serve as the point person for DIBS collection and execution 
  • Acts as the secretary of the Board by taking and publishing notes of all proceedings in the official minutes of the corporation.
  • Policy enforcement
  • Looks at future growth opportunities for the organization.

Treasurer (Future Opening - In-Training 24/25 season):

  • Collect fees, pay expenses & balances/manages the CAYBBA bank account  
  • Oversee budget
  • Report on the financial health of the organization at board meetings
  • Manage tournament & event funds (cash boxes, counting money, depositing funds)
  • Partner with Director of Scheduling to negotiate gym rental contacts 
  • Responsible for submitting our State and Federal Taxes
  • Reviews all associations fees (tryout, registration, volunteer) annually 
  • Create CAYBBA Annual Budget and obtain board approval
  • Obtain CAYBBA Board approval to spend outside of approved budget
  • Orders and Manages cash flow during both home tournaments

Director of Player and Coach Development (NEW / OPEN):

  • Organize and host training opportunities for CAYBBA players outside the standard season
  • Organize and execute Chaska 10k/5k shot club program and host opportunities to align w/ training
  • Coordinate with Boys and Girls Travel program Directors  and in-house Directors 
  • Coordinate with the Director of Communications to promote opportunities 
  • Align w/ MYAS on supporting all CAYBBA coaches with MYAS Coaching Clinic Preseason
  • Organize and host secondary coaching clinic w/ CHS Varsity Staff for boys & girls
  • Organize and distribute coaching aids for all CAYBBA coaches (practice plans, scheme options, etc.
  • Coordinate Open Gym Opportunities

Director of Communications and Fundraising:

  • Manage our CAYBBA Social Media accounts and other channels to promote and foster community within the CAYBBA
  • Create social media posts to promote CAYBBA information, events, fundraisers, player highlights, contests, etc.
  • Build a comprehensive fundraising program to achieve budgeted fundraising goal
  • Plan and execute annual fundraiser(s)
  • Initiate and organize CAYBBA social events (e.g., U of MN, St. Thomas, Timberwolves, Lynx, etc.) 
  • Advertise and communicate about fundraisers to the org

Boys and Girls Traveling Directors (2):

  • Responsible for selecting and registering teams in their season tournaments based on grade and playing level
  • Coordinate with Director of Finance to ensure tournament entries are paid for in time to ensure spots
  • Help setup and oversee the tryout process (coordinate dates / times with high school staff), manage the check-in process on tryout dates and conduct parents meeting
  • Ensure teams are scheduled for allotted tournaments 
  • Manages additional tournament requests from teams.
  • Provide approval for tournament participation
  • Serve as primary point of contact for team managers or coaches regarding tournament placement
  • Distribute coaches bags at the beginning of the season and collect them at the end of the season (make tags, fill with whiteboard, markers, whistle, first aid kit scorebook, ball pump, pencils, cones). 
  • Collect players evaluations at the end of the season
  • Manage coaches shirt selection and distribution 
  • Help coordinate team picture schedules with Sunshine Photography

Assistant Boys and Girls Traveling Directors:

  • Manage the overall jersey process including working with the vendor, getting player sizing / numbers, and distributing the jerseys
  • Assist in tryout process, support the check-in process on tryout dates 

Boys and Girls Tournament Directors (OPEN):

  • Point person for boys/girls home tournament
  • Coordinate marketing and recruiting of other teams to participate in the CAYBBA tournament 
  • Manage Site Managers and coordinate referees (hire, pay, etc)
  • Seek and hire Referee company for home tournament(s)
  • Seek and hire Athletic Trainers for home tournament(s)
  • Oversee brackets (printing, coordinating, etc)
  • Verify and publish tournament rules annually prior to home tournament 


  • Plan for tournament concessions starting about 6 weeks out including menu  (Ordering all food needed and pick up food)
  • Partnering with respective booster clubs to ensure concession stand has been reserved by tournament directors
  • Sign agreements with boosters
  • Making contact with local businesses for both donated items and those that will be onsite for the tournaments
  • Partner with tournament directors for volunteer schedules
  • Signage for concession stands
  • Set up of concession stands evening before tournament begins
  • Misc pick-up of items before heading to tournament locations the morning of the tournament
  • Tear down and cleaning of concessions to booster club specifications
  • Invoicing process through boosters to get to Treasurer
  • When a 3rd site is added, this complicates issues as food needs to be prepackaged and you need to also get coolers, drinks, etc

4th-8th grade in-house Director: 

  • Schedule and confirm timing on evaluations with HS coaches.
  • Jerseys: Work out the count of jerseys for each team, Make sure that we have appropriate sizes and a couple extra, Distribute Jerseys prior to the first games
  • Referees: Schedule Refs for games that are being played in Chaska Gyms, Confirm prior to games that refs have the needed gear (Ref shirt, whistle)
  • Game Days: Prior to the first game of the day, Make sure that our gyms are setup, Benches, Scorer’s tables with clocks, first aid kits, score books, etc.
  • After the games: Make sure the gyms are cleaned-up, Chairs are put away, All equipment at scorer’s tables are put away
  • Work with other Coordinators from our other communities during the season to work out schedules, unruly fans/coaches, issues that may arise with schedules. 
  • Liaison with other neighboring associations to coordinate league rules, dates, etc. 

1st - 3rd grade In-house Director:  

  • Responsible for assigning teams and coaches
  • Provide Rules and Regulations for coaches along with instructional guides  
  • Liaison with other neighboring associations to coordinate league rules, dates, etc.
  • Work with Scheduler to assign practices/games times and facility use
  • Serve as a point of contact for program details and league info along with issues that may arise with schedules, players and code of conduct concerns 
  • Manage the overall jersey process including working with the vendor to order player sizes and distributing those jerseys to the teams and players
  • Help coordinate team/individual picture schedules with Sunshine Photography
  • Ensure the gyms are set up with Scorer’s tables with clocks, first aid kits, chairs, etc.
  • Make sure the gyms are cleaned-up, chairs are put away and all equipment at scorer’s tables are put away

4th-8th grade in-house Assistant (OPEN): 

  • Support 4th-8th grade in-house program

1st-3rd grade in-house Assistant (OPEN): 

  • Support 1st-3rd grade in-house program


  • Work with Comm Ed to reserve the gyms for CAYBBA and St John’s Church gym
  • Fill out gym permits for approval by Comm Ed once approved assigning practice times for Boys, Girls
  • Traveling teams 2 times per week and Boys and Girls in-house 1 time per week
  • Work with the Boys and Girls Traveling directors along with the 1st -3rd grade in-house and 4th – 8th grade in-house to set up practices and games for the in-house teams.
  • Work with the CAA gym scheduler for the in-house teams. We also share Carver Gym.
  • Work with the President and boys and girls tournament directors to get the gym permits for the Boys and Girls tournaments. The President works with the AD’s of both schools to work out the details to limit the conflicts to a minimum.
  • Post the practices for each team on the website.
  • For the in-house report the scores to leagues they play in.

Boys Varsity Head Coach:

  • Responsible for traveling evaluations
  • Responsible for 4-8th in house evaluations to balance teams

Girls Varsity Head Coach:

  • Responsible for traveling evaluations

Interested in joining CAYBBA Leadership, apply via the link below